First Annual 'Friends of the Cherokee' Banquet


The Goingsnake District Heritage Association is in the early planning stages for the inaugural banquet to honor those non-Cherokee people who have demonstrated in deeds, perseverance and activities their support and loyalty to the Cherokee people.  Marybelle Chase has been elected Chairman of the banquet development committee and has indicated that the initial banquet may be held in 2012, but no firm date or venue has been set.

Plans are to have several honorees; either living or deceased.  Honorees will be announced to the public prior to the banquet.  We look forward to updates from Marybelle regarding this significant event which is planned to be the first of many. 


                        Friends of the Cherokee Banquet – **** UPDATE *****

The ‘Friends’ banquet, scheduled for this calendar year, has been postponed.  Several issues suggested we revise the schedule, including the recent Principal Chief election, and several organizations within the CN which have events already scheduled which would have conflicted with the banquet. Plans are now to roll the schedule into 2013 as opposed to deferring a few months.  So look for the new schedule to be 2013, possibly during the first quarter.

Honorees have been selected but not notified, and will not be until this summer.  Chairman Marybelle Chase will provide updates on the banquet beginning about six months in advance of the event. Stay tuned.