Late Winter 2012 Newsletter


Osiyo, winter in the Cherokee Nation is rapidly waning, but we know enough to not discount the possibility of March snows and April freezes.  However, it does appear that a quite early spring is at hand.  We have a great announcement for folks who go to our website, but are unable to attend the monthly meetings.  Under the watchful guidance of our site designer, BA Cohen, our new webmaster, Barbara White, is now making  timely updates to content.   A very recent, significant change is that we are now posting the minutes from each monthly meeting, which will allow site visitors to know more of our activities.  Our secretary for GSDHA, Barbara Dunlap,  is the absolute best recorder of meeting activities.

In the coming weeks we hope to expand our meeting schedule to provide more information concerning planned meeting content, to the extent possible.  We also will be arranging short Goingsnake District trips after selected meetings.  The trips will be to sites where significant, historic events occurred or to cemeteries, or other sites of interest to the membership.  Such trips will be of short duration immediately after our meetings adjourn at noon on each third Saturday.  Check back for updates on these coming ‘mini-trips’.

Two rather significant ‘maxi’ trips are in the offing for members who are more adventurous.  In April a delegation of Goingsnake members will travel to Hartwell, Georgia to attend the first full premier of  the historical musical “Nanyehi – Beloved Woman of the Cherokee” which is the creation of Cherokee Nation citizen and GSDHA friend Becky Hobbs and 5th great granddaughter of Nancy Ward, a.k.a., Nanyehi.  In June, for the really adventurous, the 250th anniversary of the 1762 Cherokee peace delegation trip to London will be re-traced for 40 lucky participants.  CN Principal Chief Bill John Baker, and possibly Chiefs Wickliffe and Hicks of the UKB and Eastern Band will make the trip.  It will be lead by Duane King, Executive Director of the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.  I’m sure a report on this trip will be the subject of a future meeting presentation later this year.  

Plans for the ‘Friends of the Cherokee’ banquet will become more developed in weeks to come, so click on that link for updates.  Marybelle Chase, banquet Chairman, indicated that in late spring or early summer we will begin to have specific information on the date, location, honorees and costs to attend this inaugural event.

Please consider joining us for a monthly meeting and lunch afterwards, and begin to check back often for website updates. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or offer suggestions, and please consider membership, you will find the ‘Goingsnake Messenger’ alone is worth the annual membership fee.





 Winter 2011/2012 Newsletter

As we approach 2012, hope is that the Christmas season in all its glory and festivity is/was joyous for you.  Our umpteenth annual Christmas meeting at Proctor, Oklahoma continued the tradition of bringing us together with festivity and food, plus as always a great program presentation.  This year Jack read from the Spring Place Moravian diary two-hundred years ago during their Christmas, which was informative and moving.

Our election of the Principal Chief is finally over, and what a process that was.  No matter who you supported, it is time to begin focusing on our nation, and what better way to do that than to join the Goingsnake District Heritage Association.  I never cease to be amazed at the programs that Jack, David and Marybelle present at our meetings.  It has been suggested that we investigate placing the minutes of all our meetings on the website, which would give a great glimpse of what we do at the meetings; we’ll visit with our website designer/artist, BA Cohen, and see what can be done, so stay tuned.

In case you haven’t clicked on the ‘Friends of the Cherokee’ link on the website, I must inform that we have postponed the inaugural banquet for 12 months.  The protracted election had a little to do with the decision to postpone. We are still committed to making this first banquet as close to perfect as we can.  The first honorees have actually been selected but not notified, so that will remain a secret until next summer.  Therefore, further updates may not be forthcoming until then. Chairman Marybelle Chase will keep us advised.

Among other plans we are developing, we hope to arrange for mini-trips after each monthly meeting.  These trips will be to significant, historical sites within the Cherokee Nation, some of which are largely unknown to the general populous.  Be sure and visit the Meetings portion of the website for updates in that regard.  

Since the last newsletter, the GDHA had a prominent spot at the Heritage Center in Tahlequah during the National Holiday.  We set up a booth for the three day period, during which we had the opportunity to greet and visit with many folks.  Visitors came from many states, and even other tribes.   The weather was warm but tolerable. Our booth was next to the Wildcat family; Annie Wildcat shared memories of the Cherokee Nation before paved roads and utilities many years ago.  She also attempted to teach us a little bit of the language. Annie is quite a lady, as is her entire family.  The Talbot Library joined us at the booth and was quite an attraction.  Donna, Glenita and Grace were a great help; it appeared that they knew 90% of all who visited, or at least knew some of families.  Our plans call for us to be there again next year.

 Well, we’re all hunkered down for whatever winter brings us, and after last winter’s experience, it’s good to be hunkered down.  Hard to believe winter is upon us after the horrid Summer of 2011 …. But it all tends to even out.

Also, please visit our Facebook page, and feel free to comment on issues related to our mission.  For you who don’t do Facebook, you can email us with any comments, suggestions etc.

Have a great 2012, and include a visit to one of our monthly meetings in your resolutions.  You’ll be greeted by a great bunch of folks, and will learn Cherokee history you’ve never known.




Summer 2011 Newsletter

‘Siyo, friends: Goingsnake district, along with much of the region, is experiencing a historic, horrible hot summer with very little rain. Our current generation has creature comforts which makes it more of an inconvenience than a problem. Those of us old enough to recall how life was in the more remote areas of the CN during long hot summers of the past recall sleeping outside at night, and making frequent trips to cooling springs and branches. I particularly enjoyed drawing water from my grandparents well; the gurgling sound of a full bale of cold, clear water was proof that it was cool somewhere, albeit below us.

Cooking on wood stoves was minimized, except for the required canning of peaches, beans, potatoes etc., as that had to be done to ensure food was available for the winter. Beehives were ‘robbed’, blackberries were gathered for cobblers and jam and jelly, if we were lucky some wild cherries were available. What never changed was the daily milking chore, churning butter, outdoor laundry and occasionally soap making. Grandma seemed to always keep her flowers alive (think it had something to do with the feed sack bonnet she wore). I remember these things as a kid, and as a bygone era of ‘how it was’ before running water and electricity. Oh yes, Grandpa did have his battery radio for listening to the news on KVOO in the morning and at noon. We had a great monthly meeting on July 16th at the Talbot Library and Museum in Colcord, Oklahoma. In addition to a sumptuous potluck luncheon, Cherokee Tribal Councilor, Dr. Julia Coates, spoke on a most interesting topic concerning those with Cherokee blood living outside of the Cherokee Nation. Julia is an at-large councilor who lives in California. Her remarks were largely taken from some of the 150 interviews she has conducted with people outside the Nation. Also, there was much chatter regarding the election process for Principal Chief which has taken the news headlines lately. Four recounts later, it was decided by the CN Supreme Court to hold a new election on the 24th of September. The upcoming National Holiday should be interesting. Our new website has continued to garner excellent reviews, and we hope to make it even better as time and resources allow. Should anyone viewing the website have any suggestion for adding to or improving what is here now, please let us know. It is our intention to keep the site up to date with fresh content. Some of our upcoming plans and events include possible mini-outings to places in Goingsnake District which have historic significance. We would, in all probability, schedule these to coincide with our monthly meetings, and in a time of the year when the weather is reasonable (given the past year, who knows when that might occur). Also, we hope to have a presence at the upcoming Cherokee National Holiday over the Labor Day weekend and encourage new membership. For those who have never attended the National Holiday, we encourage you to consider doing so. The event is a three day display of events, pride and reunion for Cherokee Nation citizens, but all are invited to attend. For more information, contact the CN tribal headquarters in Tahlequah or visit their website. Regarding our ‘Friends of the Cherokee’ upcoming banquet in early 2012, nothing new in the way of planning is at hand but check back soon on that link for updates. We are hoping to make the banquet a long-term signature event, so planning for this first one is a little more rigorous, but exciting. donadagohvi