December Monthly Zoom Meeting

December 19, 2020

This is a virtual meeting via Zoom.

Most of the meetings of the Goingsnake District Heritage Association take place on the third Saturday of each month at the John F. Henderson Public Library, located at 1152 North Williams Avenue in Westville, Oklahoma.  Occasionally, meetings are held at other locations.

Each meeting includes a history presentation by an association member or a guest speaker. These programs include lectures and PowerPoint presentations concerning individuals in Cherokee history, specific events in Cherokee history, highlights of Cherokee culture, and programs on certain aspects of researching Cherokee history and genealogy. 

Some past presentation topics include the following:

  • Biographical presentation on Reverend Jesse Bushyhead
  • History of the Cherokee tear dress
  • History of the Cherokee Orphan Asylum
  • Biographical presentation on Cherokee Chief Lewis Downing
  • Overview of Cherokee flutes and flute music
  • History and renovation of the Cherokee National Female Seminary

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